Care Estate

Lage Haghorst – 2019-present

A small care farm has been situated on a mixed farm with pigs, cattle, arable farming and arboriculture since 2010. In view of the limited perspectives for intensive farming at this site, it was decided to make a transition to social objectives and to expand the care farm into an integrated care concept with daytime activities, therapeutic care and residential care. On the basis of several schemes aimed at phasing out intensive livestock farming and expanding the amount of nature reserves, the owners decided to develop a care estate and to incrementally cease all agricultural activities.

P15 has been approached to develop an integrated spatial concept for this new care estate. The design plan can be implemented in phases. The new care estate adds something to the adjacent nature reserves along the river Reusel and can act as a link between the existing country estates of Annanina’s Rust and De Baest. The care buildings have been deliberately separated out to encourage movement of care clients and visitors. Nature, flowers and plants and animals are incorporated in the care provided. That is why animal pastures, orchards and gardens have also been included in addition to nature areas and new woodland.