Development plans

In addition to zoning plans that record intended or undesired use, municipalities in the Netherlands also prepare strategic plans as a framework for future developments. Such a document can be limited to a single subject or can be very broad in scope. It is therefore always sensible to see whether, in addition to the zoning plan, there are opportunities to attach an initiative to a strategic plan. Some initiatives cover a large area with several plots or require a development vision for the whole area. It may also be wise to cooperate with others. Such a local cooperative of private individuals and or companies is known as a CPO in the Netherlands. Although the goal remains a change of use, the focus is on a strategic development plan. In this way a coherent vision or plan can be drawn up for an entire area framing each initiative. This also offers advantages in the procedure and in the costs. In addition, an integral cooperative plan is often viewed more favorably by the local authorities than multiple individual initiatives.

In order to use a location – whether large or small – effectively the layout of that area must meet the requirements of the (intended) users. Specific use in particular, as to be found in recreational areas, nature reserves or country parks, requires a well-considered layout. Value of experience, awareness of nature and functionality come together in such areas, certainly where multiple functions are combined. In order to arrive at a suitable site layout, visitor intensity and accessibility are relevant. In both recreational and nature areas, development planning is mainly about organizing usage, distributing the crowds, guiding visitors and controlling the behavior of those visitors.

We have extensive experience with such development plans and CPO projects and would be happy to tell you more about the options.