Country estates

In de past 10 years P15 (urban)landscapes has worked on over 30 country estates. These range from small historic pleasances to large country estates, including new country estates. In the Netherlands new country estates can be built as a result of specific government schemes aimed at expanding natural habitats and recreational green areas. Several of these new country estates designed by us have been realised in the past years. Often, we are approached with specific questions concerning layout, public accessibility, planting and maintenance, but P15 can advise on everything from the first initiative phase up to realisation.

In the Netherlands country estates are eligible for special fiscal measures that stem from the NSW (Natuurschoonwet 1928), There are several prerequisites for classifying an estate under the NSW, e.g. public access, size and ratio of woodland and other plantings. We can inform you on the possibilities of this specific scheme. Also, we are happy to advise on any country estate outside of the Netherlands.