Planting schemes

Whether the space you have at your disposal is large or small, a well thought out design makes the most of the space and offers room for your specific requirements. Plants selected by an experienced hand result in a level of maintenance required for the upkeep that fits your needs. This applies to both an urban and a landscape context. In these times of climate change, it is important to choose plants that fit the growing place conditions and are resistant to changing conditions. In addition, well-chosen planting can contribute to a better local climate, for example by retaining rainwater or counteracting the “urban heat island effect”. Planting has an added value in both a rural and built-up environment.

P15 (urban)landscapes has extensive experience in drawing up specific planting schemes for nature reserves, recreational areas and country estates. This concerns both the realization of new forests and hedgerows that are suitable to the soil and moisture supply, as well as orchards, rows of trees, avenues and groups of trees. Sometimes a detailed planting scheme is desirable in a specific location for the visual impact or sense of place. Bushes, flower bulbs or perennials are added in such places. This will reinforce the seasonal experience. We are also happy to advise you on the appropriate seed mixture for, for example, playing fields, flowering meadows or bee ribbons. We can also advise on the upkeep and long-term management measures.

Green is also of great importance for the appearance of and quality of life in the urban environment. This concerns both public green areas such as parks, public gardens and sports grounds, as well as private gardens. The feel of every green space – small and large – strongly depends on the planting chosen in combination with the choice of materials for paving, partitions, constructions and accessories. A garden is very personal, but the layout of street, public garden, playground or park must also be tailored to the situation. P15 (urban)landscapes preferably works from the qualities that a place already possesses. Our designs are therefore always tailor-made!