Restauration plan historic country estate

Klein-Zundert – 2012-present

In 2012 P15(urban)landscapes was commissioned by the Province of North Brabant to make a plan for the redevelopment of the historic country estate of Vrede Oord (Place of Peace). The aim was to relocate the nursery that was there and repurpose the land for restauration of the historic structure, rewilding and improving the water system. This resulted in a rezoning and change of use plan which allowed the addition of new buildings to finance this.

The Vrede Oord Estate was founded in 1662 after peat extraction in the Brouwersmoer had finished. The new country estate along the Turfvaart (peat canal) was created out of parts of the much bigger De Moeren (The Moors) Estate (established 1617) as an investment. A new farmhouse was constructed near the crossing point of the established Oak and Lime Avenue. The farm was subsequently expanded with a Flemish Barn, Cart shed and Bake house. Beyond the farmyard a mansion house was erected between 1782 and 1801 against the side of the farmhouse. The manor house was sadly torn down in 1962 (to make more room for manoeuvring the tractor).

All that remains today of the historic ensemble is the old farm house, the spatial context of tree-lined paths, the Turfvaart-canal and De Lentehof (a small copse). On behalf of the owner of the estate plans were drawn up in 2020 for the restauration of the historic ensemble with the addition of a separate dwelling. The proposed new manor house will become part of the Centre for Soil and Health that will be operating from the renewed estate henceforth.