Urban landscape

Although the Netherlands is statistically largely undeveloped, in some regions the urbanized areas are merging into an urban landscape. This urban landscape is composed of alternately more and less densely built-up areas with often very diverse functions such as: water, residential areas, working areas, industrial complexes, greenhouses, market gardens, sports facilities, parks, recreational areas, allotments, enclosed nature areas, historic ensembles, dispersed buildings, agricultural enclaves, canals and all infrastructure that connects these components. The urban landscape can be very extensive, but it can also be smaller, such as the concatenation of villages, suburbs, industrial areas, city centers, office clusters, recreational areas and nature areas that the Eindhoven metropolitan area shows. Most design assignments in built-up areas are design assignments of the urban landscape.

This may concern redevelopment plots and urban expansion areas for residential use or commercial activities, but also the design of public spaces, parks, recreational or sports grounds. P15 (urban)landscapes can work out design assignments for you and with you at any scale level within the urban landscape. The functionality comes first. But the beauty cannot be forgotten either. Allotment plans of both the expansion areas and the infraction locations – where open spaces within the built-up areas are filled – require a well-thought-out design that is resistant enough to last for decades and flexible enough to accommodate changing requirements.

P15 (urban)landscapes takes care of the entire process, from the initial draft plans through submittable designs and resident participation to implementation an oversight on location. The cultural-historical aspect is an extra point of attention in public space. Think of historic city parks, urban water and canals or (market) squares, but also former monastery grounds, courtyards, alleys and disused factory sites. Much of the non-built-up space in cities and villages is not open to the public. These places are the exclusive domain of the owners, residents or users. You can also commission us to design for private (urban) spaces. In recent years we have made various designs on various scales within the urban landscape for private individuals (including CPOs), companies, project developers and municipalities. Contact us for an introduction without obligation.