New country estate Laag-Heukelom

Oisterwijk – 2011-2018

On the basis of earlier designs for new country estates, P15 was commissioned by the land owners to make a design for a new country estate in the hamlet of Laag-Heukelom near the Voorste Stroom (a small river).  The plan area of over 15 hectares (almost 37.5 acres) is situated between the village of Berkel-Enschot and the town of Oisterwijk. In a corner of the site an intensive pig farm was situated. The remaining area was used as pasture and arable land.

Intensive farming will be ceased as part of the redevelopment. The farm buildings will be demolished and replaced by two new houses. The rest op the land will be laid out as a new country estate with 6 new semi-detached houses and a minimum of 7.5 hectares (18 acres) of new nature reserve. The medieval arable field has been preserved in the design plan. Existing country lanes were incorporated into the plan and are edged with new hedgerows. The area is open to ramblers. Besides drawing up the design plan, P15 wrote the planning application for change of use, made a planting plan, made a maintenance plan and obtained a water permit from the regional waterboard. A large part of this new country estate is located within a river protection zone and any change of use can’t negatively impact the risk of flooding.